The European company Astar is specialized in formulating and manufacturing SMC and BMC thermoset compounds for moulders and OEMs. Astar has been developing for more than 54 years custom-made formulations in order to deliver high quality solutions for each specific application and end market.

Production Plant

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SMC and BMC thermoset materials are based on unsaturated polyester (UP) or vinyl-ester (VE) resins, fillers, and glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforcement. Other ingredients such as catalysts, stabilizers, mould release agents, thickeners, pigments and specific additives are used to enhance its properties and facilitate transformation or moulding process according to particular requirements.

SMC sheets

SMC | Sheet Moulding Compound

SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) is used in hot press compression moulding for the production of large parts with high mechanical properties and excellent surface finish.

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BMC Bulk Moulding Compound

BMC | Bulk Moulding Compound

BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) can be moulded both in injection or compression process for large-scale production of medium-size or small complex parts.

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