Structural carbon fiber parts

Reducing the weight of a vehicle can provide a great benefit in fuel consumption, as well as a decrease in pollutant emissions. Our structural low density carbon fiber SMC materials allow the design of thinner parts, thanks to their very high mechanical performance. Based on stiffness, a weight reduction of about 55% should be possible when C-SMC is used instead of standard SMC. Depending on the specific application, we will recommend you the best tailor-made formulation to meet your requirements.

Carbkid® SMC  

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Low Density
  • Low Profile
  • Reactive
  • Strenght
  • Unidirectional
Property Standard Value Unity
Carbon Fibre Content IT.CA-12 50 — 60 %
Shrinkage ISO 2577 -0.10 — 0.00 %
Flexural Strength EN ISO 14125 > 400 MPa
Flexural E-Modulus EN ISO 14125 > 25000 MPa
Tensile Strength EN ISO 527-4 > 200 MPa
Tensile E-Modulus (Young) EN ISO 527-4 > 35000 MPa
Density EN ISO 1183-1 1.40 — 1.45 g/cm3
The values will depend on the specific formulation