Astar collaborates closely with the leading industry associations:

European Alliance for SMC/BMC

Formed by the leading European companies, involved in the SMC/BMC value chain, including: SMC/BMC manufacturers, SMC/BMC moulders, raw material suppliers (resins, fibres, additives and other), engineering companies, research institutions, universities, etc.

Goal: To promote the technical and commercial advancement of SMC/BMC materials.

EuCIA · European Composites Industry Association

It is the Brussels - based leading Association of the European Composites Industry, representing European National composite Associations as well as industry specific Sector Groups, such as those targeting end segments like automotive or those promoting particular product groups or processes.

Goal: Its main mission is representation of National Composites Associations and industry specific sectors, targeting end-segments sectors or potential product groups or processes at EU level.

UL · Underwriters Laboratories

It is a renowned worldwide safety consulting and certification company.

Goal: to certify, validate, test, verify, inspect, audit, advise and educate.