BMC | Bulk Moulding Compound

BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) can be moulded both in injection or compression process for large-scale production of medium-size or small complex parts.

BMC is, like SMC, a polymeric composite material, which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin, mineral fillers and glass fibre reinforcement. The resin used is generally unsaturated polyester (UP) or vinyl-ester (VE). Additional ingredients such as thermoplastic components, catalysts, inhibitors, mould release agents, thickeners and colour pigments are used to enhance the performance and moulding process of the final product.

Our Verkid® BMC products come in bulk, supplied in ≈900 kg boxes with ≈15 kg bags.

The transformation or moulding process is carried out by compression in a hot mould at temperatures between 130 – 170ºC and under pressure (typically 20 – 100 bar), or in injection machines (mould temperature between 145 – 175ºC, pressure 80 – 160 bar) specially designed for this process.

BMC applications are wide-ranging in the Automotive & Transportation, Electrical & Energy, Building & Construction, Industrial, Service, Sanitary, Domestic and Medical markets.